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Playing with infinity. Ljuba  Moiz piano.  Dynamic CDT 5027


OPAC Polo Ligure SBN- Biblioteca Unversitaria di Genova

Catalog number: DYN 5027
Label: DYNAMIC - Italy


Stradivarius - The leading italian classical music label



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Playing with infinity A recollection In the mists per piano : PASTORINO MOIZ LJUBA , JANACEK Leos: Amazon.fr: Musique

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Ljuba Moiz is an extremely talented young pianist and she is intensely dedicated to the performance of 20th century music that she cultivates on the highest level. She has a wide repertory and deserves full attention  and recognition for her outstanding achievements. I listened to an excellent CD: I found the mood and  atmosphere very inspired and convincing. So were the Debussy and Bartok Pieces. I can recommend Ljuba Moiz with no reservation whatsoever and with the hope that she can prove herself successfully.
György Sándor

"I enjoyed so much listening to her CD: I found it  really beautifully played"
Murray Perahia

"...she  performed the works of Ton de Leeuw and Ton Bruynel recorded in this CD at the “Festival Nederlandse Pianomuziek” in a way that would be certainly appreciated by the composers with whom I have been  working a lot. "

Ton Hartsuiker - Honorary Director of Amsterdam and Utrecht Conservatoria

CD content:


 1       Leoš Janáček:            "  A Recollection"

 2       Leoš Janáček:            "  In the Mist " ( V mlhach) - 1. Andante

 3       Leoš Janáček:            "   In the Mist " ( V mlhach) - 2 . Molto Adagio , Presto

 4       Leoš Janáček:             "   In the Mist " ( V mlhach) -3 . Andantino

 5       Leoš Janáček:              "  In the Mist " ( V mlhach) - 4 . Presto                

 6       Béla Bartók  :               "  Melody in the mist " (Mikrokosmos vol VI)

 7       Ton de Leeuw  :            "  Men go their ways "     (from a japanise Haiku)  - parte I             

8       Ton de Leeuw  :                "  Men go their ways "     (from a japanise Haiku)- parte II                     

 9          Ton de Leeuw  :            "  Men go their ways "     (from a japanise Haiku)- parte III

10      Claude Debussy:           "  Brouillards " (from Preludes, book II n°1)               

11      Claude Debussy:           "  Images ", book II       I. "Cloches ŕ travers les feulles"

12       Claude Debussy:           "  Images ", book II     II."Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut"

13      Claude Debussy:            "  Images ", book II    III."Poissons d'or"

14      Ton Bruynčl:                   "  Brouillard "    ( for piano and soundtracks )                           

15     György Kurtág  :              "  Les Adieux " (In Janáčeks Manier) -   from  Játékok  IV -

16.    György Kurtág  :              " Play with Infinity "  -   from  Játékok III  -




Ljuba Moiz is a young pianist who studied at the  Conservatorium “Paganini” in Genoa and here dedicates this recording to the music of XXth century.  It deals with pieces even very complex,  just as those by Leos Janŕcek, in his peculiarly aphoristic style, as well as some famous pieces by Debussy, from among we recommend “Cloches ŕ travers les feuilles” and “Poisson d’or” for her great interpretative sensibility. But it is worth of a particular  mention  the interpretation of the pieces by two dutch composers, Ton de Leeuw and Ton Bruynel: especially the latter, with the combination of piano and soundtracks, which represents one of the most original and high moments of the performance of this remarkable pianist.

Luigi Fertonani

(Il Giornale di Brescia )