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Interpreter's notes on "Playing with the Infinity"


As suggested by the title of the last piece of this CD (by György Kurtág) , playing with the infinity is like inventing a way branching off from the temporal and spatial dimension at the edge of the consciousness : as in a  play of mirrors, different  and however similar sensibilities  return each others lights and shadows,  visual, emotional and sound memories.

The Mist is the  leit motiv of this programmeallowing the wideness of the sensorial perception : like a filter it refracts rays of light and thin threads of reminiscence . In a changeable landscape , now it  materializes  itself ,now it  fades away, now it suddenly reappears ,just to draw little by little the outlines of different spiritual realities .

In Janaček's  works, it reveals a poetical anxiety , which alternates  dramatically with melancholy evocations. The  Bartók's piece has  a more vertical structure, and a static and rarefied landscape appears; in Ton de Leeuw works the mist seems to crystallise into little prismatic  constellations in a  perfect ambit of  oriental essentiality and contemplation.

In Debussy the mist becomes  " nuage irisée ", swarming with "chiaroscuro" effects : it seems to give birth to the rustling "sound veils" of  "Brouillard" for piano and soundtracks by Ton Bruynel, which is the astonishing  expression  of a virtual landscape.

 This oneiric atmosphere allows the perception of transfigured echoes in the last two pieces by György Kurtág : extraordinary is the reminiscence of the second Janacek's piece from "In the Mist" that we can listen in "Les Adieux ". "Play with Infinity", is the last piece of this program, but it has not any conclusive aim: like a kaleidoscope, it captures new lights and it draws up again these creative experiences ,ready to suggest a new itinerary, always "Playing" with the Infinity…


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